What AC Milan is all about?

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Associazione Calcio Milano (AC Milan) is one of the oldest and most widely recognized clubs in Italy. It had its beginnings in 1899, having been started by Englishmen in a bid to harness the local soccer talent. At this time, the city showed a lot of promise in both football and cricket talent, but the closest clubs were a bit too far for the local youth to join.

It started out with two sections, each of them independently running the two sports but the soccer side grew stronger much faster, attaining to its first major victory only one year after its birth. The domination by Italians of this club led to dissention. Some in the head positions of the team wanted to make it an international club while others felt it would be better if the team were to focus on improving local talent.

That is how the club split up to form what is currently known as Internazionale Milan (Inter Milan). The two teams to this day share the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (more popularly known as the San Siro Stadium).

AC Milan is locally identified by the name Rossoneri to mean Red Blacks, derived from the club’s theme colors. The red is meant to represent fiery zeal on the part of players in the team, while to the opponents it is meant to engender fear.

While playing away matches, the team dons a white strip and it has associated this with a streak of success in finals. They have won seven Champions League finals played away in the white gear, and have lost two at home in the traditional red and black.

In the olden days, the club’s support came from the city’s trade union members and others of the working class. But it recently came under the possession of a former Italian Prime Minister who is currently a media mogul in the country.

It is as a result currently ranked 6th on the list of the world’s wealthiest clubs. It also has a number of top soccer awards under its belt, both locally and internationally. Their training sessions take place at the Milanello, a high tech facility that is constantly evolving to keep up with technological advancements. There have been plans since 2005 for the club to move out of San Siro Stadium but these have not yet been realized. Their dream was to build an all-soccer stadium with no athletic tracks and a lot more modernized than the current one, in harmony with internationally set standards.

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What AC Milan is all about?

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This article was published on 2010/11/10